Humanitarian Fallout of Conflict

Deadly conflict and political crisis are driving human suffering on a staggering scale. A record high of over 65 million people have been forced from their homes and almost 74 million face acute hunger due primarily to conflict and violence. The last decade has seen an increase in war and political violence, yet that is not the only factor underlying this trend. Many actors – leaders, governments and non-state armed groups – are deepening human misery for their own ends, often deliberately inflicting pain on civilians or using political or military tactics despite the enormous human cost. Through its reporting and advocacy, Crisis Group seeks to increase understanding of these dynamics and inform policies to limit the human costs of conflict.


Frank Giustra on the devastating situation in Haiti

In this video, Frank Giustra speaks about the level of suffering Haiti is currently experiencing.

Children approach a Colombian Air Force blackhawk helicopter bringing school kits and humanitarian aid at the Acandi village airport, in Choco department, Colombia, near the border with Panama, on October 14, 2020, amid the new coronavirus pandemic.

Protecting Colombia’s Most Vulnerable on the Road to “Total Peace”

The new Colombian government has resolved to curb violence throughout rural areas where guerrillas and criminals hold sway. Its approach – dialogue and security reform – is admirable but risky. Any deal it strikes should seek to halt all the types of coercion the illicit groups employ.

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IDPs stand on a lorry toward the gate of the Bakassi IDPs Camp before leaving to their respective home in Maiduguri on November 30, 2021 as Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Maiduguri have vacated their camps ahead of today, dateline for the closure of all Displaced Persons camps by the Borno Government.
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Rethinking Resettlement and Return in Nigeria’s North East

Authorities are keen to return or resettle the millions of people who fled homes in Borno state, the epicentre of fighting with Islamist militants in north-eastern Nigeria. But risks abound. The government should slow down its effort, focusing on protecting the displaced from further harm.

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Ten Conflicts to Watch in 2023

What conflicts is Crisis Group particularly worried about in 2023? This week on Hold Your Fire!, Richard Atwood is joined by Crisis Group’s President & CEO Comfort Ero and Chief of Policy Stephen Pomper, to talk about our annual flagship publication “10 Conflicts to Watch”.

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