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What Future for UN Peacekeeping in Africa after Mali Shutters Its Mission?

At Bamako’s request, the UN Security Council has begun drawing down the UN peacekeeping operation in Mali. In this Q&A, Crisis Group experts Richard Gowan and Daniel Forti explore the implications for blue helmet missions elsewhere on the continent.


Why the War in Ukraine May Be a Long One

Sixteen months after Russia’s full-scale invasion, its attacks on Ukrainian cities continue, while Ukraine’s counteroffensive slowly advances. With NATO leaders convening soon, Crisis Group experts explain in this Q&A why a lengthy war may loom and what that means for NATO members and other states.

Q&A / Gender and Conflict

Strengthening the Response to Conflict-Related Sexual Violence

The UN Security Council will soon consider the Secretary-General’s annual report on sexual violence in conflict. In this Q&A, Crisis Group experts Cristal Downing and Floor Keuleers discuss causes and consequences of such violence – and the importance of sexual and reproductive health care for survivors.

Haitians Turn to Mob Justice as the Gang Threat Festers

7 July marks the second anniversary of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse’s assassination. In this Q&A, Crisis Group expert Diego Da Rin explains why insecurity has gripped Haiti since the murder and why some Haitians have turned to self-defence groups to fend off rising gang power.


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Les Haïtiens recourent à la justice populaire alors que la menace des gangs s’intensifie

Le 7 juillet marque le deuxième anniversaire de l’assassinat du président haïtien Jovenel Moïse. Dans ce Q&A, Diego Da Rin, expert de Crisis Group, explique pourquoi l’insécurité paralyse Haïti depuis cet assassinat et pourquoi certains Haïtiens se sont tournés vers des groupes d’autodéfense pour lutter contre la montée en puissance des gangs.


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Los haitianos recurren a la justicia por mano propia ante la amenaza de las pandillas

El 7 de julio se cumple el segundo aniversario del asesinato del presidente haitiano Jovenel Moïse. En estas preguntas y respuestas, el experto de Crisis Group, Diego Da Rin, explica por qué la inseguridad se ha apoderado de Haití desde el magnicidio y por qué algunos haitianos han recurrido a grupos de autodefensa para enfrentar el creciente poder de las pandillas.

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Assessing the Wagner Group’s Aborted Run on Moscow: What Comes Next?

On 24 June, President Vladimir Putin faced his biggest challenge in over two decades at Russia’s helm: a mutiny by a mercenary group fighting alongside Russian forces in Ukraine. In this Q&A, Crisis Group experts explore the implications for Putin’s rule and Russian foreign policy.

Commentary / Africa

Ensuring MINUSMA’s Smooth Departure from Mali

On 16 June, Bamako asked the UN Security Council to withdraw the UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilisation Mission in Mali (MINUSMA). In this Q&A, Crisis Group experts Jean-Hervé Jézéquel and Ibrahim Maïga look at the reasons behind the Malian authorities’ decision as well as its consequences.

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Barred Candidates Cast a Shadow over Guatemala’s Polls

On 25 June, Guatemalans will elect a new president, completing a campaign riddled with controversy. In this Q&A, Crisis Group expert Pamela Ruiz explains that the contenders are promising tough security policies and distancing themselves from the past international anti-corruption initiatives amid widespread public disaffection.

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Las candidaturas excluidas ensombrecen los comicios guatemaltecos

El 25 de junio, los guatemaltecos elegirán a un nuevo presidente, tras una campaña
plagada de controversias. En estas preguntas y respuestas, la experta de Crisis Group
Pamela Ruiz explica que los principales contendientes se están distanciando de las
anteriores iniciativas internacionales contra la corrupción, en medio del descontento
generalizado de la opinión pública.

Also available in English

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