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New Dawn or Old Habits? Resolving Honduras’ Security Dilemmas

In her campaign, President Xiomara Castro promised a fresh start in tackling the corruption and violent crime that have long vexed Honduras. Lately, however, she has turned back toward the heavy-handed methods of old. With donor support, her government should stick with a reform agenda.

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¿Nuevo amanecer o viejos hábitos? Resolver los dilemas de seguridad de Honduras

En su campaña, la presidenta Xiomara Castro prometió un nuevo comienzo en la lucha contra la corrupción y la violenta delincuencia que ha atormentado a Honduras durante tanto tiempo. Sin embargo, últimamente ha regresado a los métodos de mano dura de antaño. Con el apoyo de los donantes, su gobierno debería seguir adelante con el programa de reformas.

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Briefing / Africa

Rwanda’s Growing Role in the Central African Republic

Rwanda has become a major player in the Central African Republic, helping the government fight insurgents, supporting state reforms and investing in numerous businesses. This engagement has rewards but also comes with risks. Bangui and Kigali should act now to minimise the latter.

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Briefing / Africa

Le rôle croissant du Rwanda en République centrafricaine

Le Rwanda est devenu un acteur essentiel en République centrafricaine. Il aide le gouvernement à lutter contre les rebelles, appuie les réformes de l’État et investit dans de nombreuses entreprises. Cet engagement s’avère bénéfique mais s’accompagne de certains risques. Bangui et Kigali devraient agir rapidement pour minimiser ces derniers.

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Report / United States

Out of the Box: How to Rebalance U.S. Somalia Policy

U.S. President Joe Biden promised to end the “forever wars” launched after the 9/11 attacks. In Somalia, however, his administration has reinvigorated a flawed military-first approach to battling Islamist militants. Washington should complement those efforts with others aimed at stabilisation and political reconciliation.


Mexico’s Forgotten Mayors: The Role of Local Government in Fighting Crime

Organised crime in Mexico has gone local, as cartels break up into sub-groups battling over smaller patches of turf. At the same time, the federal government has wrested policing away from town halls. A reset is needed to re-empower municipal officials to protect the public.

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México y sus alcaldes olvidados: gobierno local y la lucha contra el crimen

El crimen organizado en México se ha vuelto local, debido a la fragmentación de los carteles en subgrupos que luchan por el control de territorios cada vez más pequeños. Al mismo tiempo, el gobierno federal ha marginado a las alcaldías de sus competencias en materia de seguridad. Es necesario volver a empoderar a los funcionarios municipales para que protejan a la población.

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Briefing / Africa

A Race against Time to Halt Sudan’s Collapse

Ferocious fighting in the capital and elsewhere is tipping one of Africa’s largest countries ever closer to falling apart. There are no easy ways to halt the carnage. All with influence should do everything possible to stop Sudan’s slide into even greater disaster.

Briefing / Asia

Southern Thailand’s Stop-start Peace Dialogue

Negotiations between Bangkok and the main insurgent group in Thailand’s southernmost provinces are on hold, after making some promising advances. Structural and procedural changes could help keep the talks going when they resume.

Report / Asia

Southern Philippines: Making Peace Stick in the Bangsamoro

The newly autonomous area in the southern Philippines is progressing toward full self-rule, but delays in the associated peace process and renewed skirmishes are causing concern. With donor support, regional and national authorities should work to bolster the transition in advance of crucial 2025 elections.

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